About Us - Fiji Rugby & Beyond

Fiji has an incredibly proud history in Rugby. Introduced to the islands in 1884 by European soldiers, the sport of Rugby has evolved to become the national sport, with a cult following across the country. The Fiji Rugby Union itself was formed in 1913 and is now over 107 years old.


Fiji’s rugby teams have created history on many occasions over the years, with a historic victory by the Flying Fijians over the British Lions in Suva in 1977, and most significantly when the Fijian 7’s teamwon the Olympic Gold medal at Deodoro Stadium in Rio in August 2016. That victory inspired the nation and demonstrated the passion of the Fijian people and their love of Rugby.


Since the Olympics, Fijian national teams have gone on to deliver more history-making milestones including the Flying Fijians beating France in 2018, the Maori All Blacks and Barbarians in 2019, the Drua winning Australia’s National Rugby Championship in 2018 and the Fijian 7’s winning the countries 4th World Sevens victory in 2019 and it’s fifth successive victory in the Hong Kong 7’s also in 2019.


Well known for its success in the Sevens arena, Fiji Rugby’s style of play in both XV’s and 7’s is renowned for its’ flair, speed, and unpredictability'.